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Term 1 - All About Me 

In Term 1 (September - October half term), our theme is 'All About Me' .

Week 1 - Settling in - Bonding with your key person.

Week 2 - Myself - What do I look like?

Week 3 - My Family - Who is in my family?

Week 4 - Wellbeing - Learning how to be healthy.

Week 5 - People who help us - Visits from the local Emergency Services.

Week 6 - Pets - P visit to Pre-School.

Week 7 - What I am good at! - Show & Tell your talents and skills.

Cultural Events - Harvest Festival - Attending a Church Service.


  • Settling in – all about me

  • Autumn activities

  • Harvest festival



Upload family photo's to your Tapestry Account for your child to share with us.

Go on an Autumn walk collecting leaves, twigs and pinecones - why not make a picture with them and bring it in to show us?


We will be learning all about how to look after our teeth, we will send home activity sheets for you to complete with your child.


If any parent works for any of the Emergency Services and would be prepared to come into Pre-School and tell the children about their work, please let us know, we would love to hear from you.


Do you have an unusual pet that you could bring into Pre-School to show us? Please let us know, we would love to hear all about them.


Upload photo's to your Tapestry Account of what your child is good at: e.g. gymnastics, karate, swimming, dancing etc, we would love to share our skills & talents at 'Show & Tell'​

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