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Sharing Our Curriculum - Term 1

We send home more detail about the activities and themes for each term. These sheets will have advice on activities you may like to do with your Pre-school child. If you need a replacement sheet, please speak to your child's Key Person.

In Term 1 (September - October half term), in addition to following the children's interests and opportunities that arise, our focus topic is Music and Movement/Imagination


  • Settling in – all about me

  • Autumn activities

  • Harvest festival


  • If there is any parent who plays a musical instrument and would be willing to come and play it to the children please speak to Stella

  • Make a musical instrument with your child (lots of ideas online)

  • Send in a photograph of your child’s family (please write child’s name on the back)

  • Go on an Autumn walk collecting leaves, twigs and pinecones - why not make a picture with them and bring it in to show us?

Don't forget to fill in a WOW! slip (available in the lobby) for anything your child does at home that you'd like to tell us about - this can be anything, big or small!


Expressive arts and design

Exploring and using media and materials- 22-36months

  • Joins in singing favourite songs

  • Creates sounds by banging, tapping, shaking and blowing

  • Shows an interest in the way musical instruments sound

30-50 months

  • Enjoys joining in with dancing and ring games

  • Beginning to move rhythmically

  • Imitates movement in response to music

  • Explores different sounds of instruments

Being imaginative- 30-50 months

  • Uses movement to express feelings

  • Create movement in response to music

  • Makes up rhythms

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