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What is Tapestry?


An easy-to-use and secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate their children’s learning and development. 


How do I access it?


The Tapestry app is available for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire devices. 


IOS - Tapestry Journal on the App Store (


Android - Tapestry Mobile - Apps on Google Play


Use iOS or Android apps to receive new entries in your child’s journal celebrating their achievements and exciting activities, individually or with their new friends and the staff looking after them. Contribute to this growing journal by commenting on the journal entries, or even adding your own. Let your child’s teachers know what your child loves doing at home by sending photos and videos back, helping them understand their development at home.


Notifications - 

You can receive notifications to your phone, tablet, or inbox about almost anything that’s going on your Tapestry account. As a parent or carer, that might be telling you a new observation has been added for your child, a staff member has replied to a comment or message you’ve posted, or a new document has been made visible to you.

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