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Welcome to Cogges Pre-school

Cogges Pre-school is based in a beautiful setting near Cogges Farm. We provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop confidence, self-reliance, respect for themselves and each other, and can develop physically, intellectually, morally and socially so that they can achieve realistic goals. We have the highest possible aspirations for the children in our care. We hope that your child will be happy here and that you will enjoy your involvement with us.

Cogges Pre-school is a non-profit making registered charity run by a committee of unpaid parents, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  We are governed by the Early Years Alliance and are inspected by Ofsted on a regular basis. 

We work hard to make children and parents feel valued and part of the Pre-school. 

"There is a generally happy and relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of smile and laughter from both children and staff" Ofsted report, February 2023

"Children new to pre-school receive very effective support to settle and become familiar with the routines of the day." Ofsted report, February 2023

"My child is absolutely thriving and the trust she has with her key workers is just so special to see." Parent, February 2023

"I can also see how much more confident our child is in interacting with other children since starting at the preschool." Parent, February 2023

" Our child is flourishing at the setting and has always been allowed to be his own self, he talks about the staff at home/on weekends and is always excited to share what he has done with them, however small" Parent, February 2023

"We definitely feel  that our childs' communication, confidence and creative skills have developed since attending Cogges Pre-school." Parent, February 2023

Our full Ofsted report is available on the Ofsted website


For further details about the Pre-School, please see our Information for Parents page.


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