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Our Committee

Without the Committee, our Pre-school would be unable to function. Our success relies on parents, the Committee and staff working together for the benefit of the children. You will be made very welcome if you can find time to join the Committee. 

The Committee of parents meet once every half term and carry out many roles for the Pre-school including-

  • Employing staff

  • Dealing with financial matters

  • Fulfilling OFSTED requirements

  • Organising fundraising activities

  • Providing invaluable support to staff and extra help as required in Pre-school

We have an employed administrator who is an invaluable member of the team & deals with all aspects of the Pre-school’s finances and administration process.

All members of the current committee are parents of children at the Pre-school, or have had children at the Pre-school in recent years, who give up their time voluntarily. We would love to welcome new members to the committee - please get in touch if you would like to be involved.





To contact the committee, please email:

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