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Forest School

Our Forest School aims to promote holistic development, providing our children with the opportunity to take supported risks during child led outdoor play. This harnesses curiosity and exploration, helping children to grow in self-confidence. Social skills develop as the children share tools and work together as a group to build dens etc, strengthening relationships with their peers. It provides a language rich environment with plentiful opportunities for opening conversations and extending vocabulary, as we discuss everything we can see, hear and feel. Physical skills develop as outdoor activity has a positive physical impact, developing gross motor skills as they engage in climbing, balancing, running and jumping. Whilst using jugs and spoons for pouring and stirring muddy puddle water, or using crayons for bark rubbings strengthen their fine motor skills. We often get very wet and muddy but our children love the experience and we all have a great time.  

Zoe and Michaela run our Forest School and both are fully qualified to Level 3 - Forest School Leadership and Management. 

Our Forest School sessions are held every Thursday morning following the February half-term.

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Forest School 2023/24

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