Sharing Our Curriculum - Term 6

We send home more detail about the activities and themes for each term. These sheets will have advice on activities you may like to do with your Pre-school child. If you need a replacement sheet, please speak to your child's Key Person.

In Term 6 (June-July), in addition to following the children's interests and opportunities that arise, our focus topic is Understanding the World - 'People and Communities’


  • Fathers’ Day Crafts and Activities

  • ‘I Want to Be’ Activities - Dressing Up for different job roles and encouraging the children to transform our role play area into different places to work including making their own materials to support their role play.

  • New children visits

  • Leavers’ Service and Party

  • Allotment Visits

  • Group Time Activities using rhymes to describe different occupations.


  • If any parents have an interesting occupation they would be willing to come in and discuss with the children, please do let us know.  If you don’t have time to come into Pre-school, we would love photos or information about your jobs to share with the children.  

  • Talk about what your child would like to be when they grow up.
  • Visit the library and find stories about people with different occupations.

Don't forget to fill in a WOW! slip (available in the lobby) for anything your child does at home that you'd like to tell us about - this can be anything, big or small!


People and Communities

30 - 50 months

  • Shows an interest in different occupations and ways of life.

  • I am interested in the different jobs that grown ups do, like fire fighters and doctors.

  • I am interested in the grown ups I know and talk about where they live and what they do.

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